Giglio Island

Tuscany isn’t famous for its islands, but it should be! Giglio is its own mini paradise.

Even though it’s only half an hour from the mainland, Giglio has its own culture, history and way of life that is as relaxed as you’d expect on an island.

Giglio is beautiful all year round, not just in the summer, because it is home to a plethora of unique flora and fauna and an Old Town that is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful.

Giglio Island is divided into three sections:

Giglio Porto

This is the first thing you see when you step off the ferry boat and the place for eating and after dinner strolls.

Ferries to Giglio depart from Porto Santo Stefano daily.

Giglio Castello

Officially one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, Giglio Castello is a walled community that has been lovingly preserved by the generation of locals who have seen rulers come and go.

Today, you feel as though you’re walking through a medieval castle as any semblance of modernity is strictly discouraged. You can even walk on the parapet walls and admire the view!

Giglio Campese

The seaside and site of all of Giglio’s most beloved beaches. If you tire of soaking up the sun, you

can walk to a nearby beachside cafe or check out the many watchtowers built to keep the pirates at bay.



Terme di Sorano – Giglio Island (GR) 97.5 km – 2 h 53 min.