The ‘Covo dei Ladri’ (Thieves Hideaway) is not as ominous as it sounds.

While Manciano would like to claim it was the haven of the Maremma’s highway brigands, this nickname stems instead from the towns truly enviable position, located high enough up to have an almost unobstructed view from the closest mountain to the seaside almost 35km away.

Manciano is the hub of the Fiora Valley.

It’s where you go to do your shopping and mix with the locals at the great restaurants and pizzeria.

Museo Preistoria e Protostoria

This fantastic museum is the only one in Italy to have something from every era of prehistory up to the Bronze Age.

It’s also recently undergone a complete renovation that makes it one of Tuscany’s most digitally savvy.

Stop in the lobby for a selfie with a prehistoric man before you pick up an iPad and explore the rest of the museum with interactive videos and kids’ mascot Lucy!

And the best part? It’s all free.

La Rocca

Manciano’s town hall was once the fortress of the ruling Aldobrandeschi and then the Republic of Siena.

Today it’s far more beautiful outside than in unless you have a passion for government offices.

But on weekends you can, with prior permission from the nearby tourist office, climb four or so storeys up to the fortress’ watchtower and take in the amazing view.

Chiesa di San Leonardo

According to the legend, St Leonard was in jail for a crime he didn’t commit when an angel appeared, set him free and told him to build a church where he heard the third bell chime.

If you look close at the baptismal font, you can see chains carved in relief in an homage to the story.

The various paintings on the walls are by Manciano-born and Maremma-famous painters Pietro Aldi and Paride Pascucci.



Terme di Sorano – Manciano (GR) – 24,1 km – 28 min.