Possibly the Maremma’s most popular and beautiful town, Pitigliano looks like something carved out of a fairytale.

At night, the lights cleverly hidden in the wisterias illuminate the tufa cliff and you can no longer tell where nature ends and the manmade begins.

Pitigliano can trace its roots back 3,500 years to a legend of two thieves fleeing from Rome to the wild Maremma with the crown of the Giove Statore statue.

Today, the city is a beautiful mess of hidden alleys, photographic points and fascinating museums. As well as some gorgeous knick knack stores.

Il Duomo

This medieval cathedral is the Maremma’s most ostentatious. It’s pink and somewhat garish and not a favourite with the locals, but the Liberace style decor is something that cannot be missed.

Keep an eye out for the church’s namesake saints, Peter and Paul, on the facade in statue form.

Palazzo Orsini

The first thing you see when you walk into Pitigliano, this was once Pitigliano fortress, protecting the only exposed side of the city.

Subsequent owners transformed it more into a luxury palazzo and now it’s home to both the Archaeological museum and Diocesan museum, displaying Pitigliano’s religious treasures.

Jewish ghetto

Throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Pitigliano was home to such a large Jewish community it was dubbed ‘Piccola Gerusalemme’ (Little Jerusalem).

The community no longer exists, but their homes and shops have been transformed into a lovely little museum complete with a Synagogue.

Chiesa di San Rocco

Pitigliano’s preferred church, the Chiesa di San Rocco is a fascinating relic of the town’s history.

You can see the barb-wired coat of arms of the Orsini Counts, while inside the coats of arms of the ruling families and bishops who funded the church’s construction appear in a very rare fresco.



Terme di Sorano – Pitigliano (GR) 5,9 km – 8 min.