Dining at our restaurant is like diving into the flavours and aromas of the Maremma; our Chef prepares traditional local dishes to bring out the best of seasonal products.

The dishes, tasty and light, are prepared with fresh local seasonal produce, the recipes are traditional for a selection that completely respects our Maremman heritage.

From appetiser to dessert, it’s a treat for the tastebuds, savouring homemade dishes as our grandmothers once did.

Here is a selection of our dishes :

Selection of Tuscan cold cuts

Seeking 0km, all our cold cuts and prosciutto are sourced from local delicatessens.


Variety of local cheeses

Preferring 0km cooking, our cheeses are produced by the Sorano Dairy Farm and have all the flavours of our landscape.

Vegetable bakes

Prepared using only seasonal vegetables.


Polenta crostini with wild boar ragout and lardo

To create the crostino and give it great flavour, the crunchy polenta is toasted and topped with warm wild boar ragu and a slice of lardo that melts in the mouth.

Chitarrine al Morellino

Our land is rich in wine and our menu wouldn’t be complete without a pasta dish dressed with a beautiful Morellino ragu. The Morellino red wine enhances the flavour of the sauce giving the chitrarrine pasta a unique flavor.

Maremman tortelli with ragu

Tortelli, filled with ricotta and spinach, are expertly prepared with homemade pasta sheets. The traditional sauce is a ragu. You can also choose to enjoy them simply with butter and sage to further enhance the flavour of the filling.

Tagliatelle with a white ragu

A variant on the Tuscan ragu prepared with fresh minced meat but no tomato sauce. Its flavour goes well with this rustic handmade pasta.


A traditional soup from Sorano, acquacotta is prepared by boiling celery, onions, chard and tomatoes. At the end, we add an egg to poach in the soup. According to tradition, acquacotta is served on slices of toasted bread and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Suckling pig with potatoes

Roasted in the oven and accompanied by must-have roast potatoes, rsuckling pig is one of the most beloved and popular dishes on our menu.

 Veal stuffed with mozzarella and seasonal vegetables

A real treat for the palate, this rolled veal has a heart of creamy mozzarella and seasonal vegetables.

Veal slices with black olives

Browned in a pan and cooked with flour, black olives and white wine to enhance their flavour, these veal slices are very light and delicious.

Chicken cacciatore

Delicious chicken mouthfuls cooked slowly in the pan with tomato sauce.


A favourite Italian dessert with young and old, homemade as it once was.

Pears in Morellino

An intensely flavoured but very delicate dessert. Ideal after a winter’s meal thanks to its aromatic spices.

Apple custard

The flavour of apples in this dessert is complemented by cinnamon, vanilla and honey. This mix of ingredients is a combination that you don’t often find in other desserts and is unforgettable.

Ricotta mousse with whipped cream and berries

This ricotta mousse is a very simple, but delicious dessert. The combination of berries enhances the sweetness of the ricotta.