With roots stretching as far back as the Bronze Age and a picturesque and unspoilt landscape to match, Sorano is a destination that’s not to be missed.

It takes its names from the Ancient Roman god Pater Soranus who liked to run with wolves and lived alone.

It’s an apt homage considering Sorano’s beautiful, if somewhat isolated position on a tufa cliff that overlooks two lush valleys.

Centuries of isolation have encouraged the locals to develop their own rich heritage and traditions as well as a unique design sense that can be seen in its most beautiful buildings.

Masso Leopoldino

This part spaceship, part battleship looking structure is affectionately called ‘the Rock’ in Italian.

It was a bastion of Sorano’s defence, but is now little more than a base for the town’s clock tower and spot where the best photos are taken.

Chiesa di San Niccolò

Started in the 13th century, this church wasn’t finished until 1509.

This had nothing to do with the intricacy of the details contained either inside or out, but rather a lack of funding after the Aldobrandeschi benefactors lost interest in this small Gothic dedication to a far off African saint.

It does have a dark and unique style you won’t forget though.

Fortezza Orsini

This huge fortress is a bastion of Italian medieval military might.

It is one of the few to have never been invaded and is a stone iceberg – only a small portion is visible on the surface.

It was built by a very paranoid Orsini Count to keep out the Medici and then sold to the latter when the former ran out of money.

A guided tour of the fortress is a must and can be booked at the tourist information centre.

Parco Archeologico “Città del Tufo”

This vast archaeological park is the Maremma’s premier Etruscan necropolis. A series of tombs are hidden in the forest between Sorano and Sovana.

The most beautiful is a temple of columns and underground tombs, but there are also carved lion faces and mermaids, as well as the Etruscan superhighway known as the Vie Cave.



Terme di Sorano – Sorano (GR) 3,3 km – 5 min.