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1.Pitigliano : Pitigliano is beautiful inside and out, as is Pitigliano’s buildings and monuments are beautiful and the view of the surrounding valley is more of the same.

The best point to admire the town and its tufa cliffs in on the Strada Provinciale Pian della Madonna.

It’s where everyone takes million dollar shots of the town.

While if you’re looking for breathtaking snaps of the valley along with its waterfalls and Etruscan caves, head to Piazza della Repubblica and take your pick.

The view is spectacular on either side of the piazza.

2.Manciano : Manciano is famous far and wide for its views.

The town is located in one of the most panoramic spots of the Fiora Valley and families have been fighting for centuries to score the best views from their living room and bedroom windows.

You can see the surrounding countryside from almost every corner of the Old Town, but the best views are to be had at the top of the tower that rises from the castle and town council.

On weekends and with prior permission from the tourist information centre, you can climb to the top of the tower for free and pretend that you too, just like all the locals, can see the sea almost 30 kilometres away.

Jokes aside, the view from here is unforgettable even if you don’t feel like confusing the horizon for waves.

3. Monte Argentario : Feel like rubbing shoulders with hermit monks who just so happen to have the best real estate on the Argentario Coast?

The Convent of the Padri Passionisti is located on the top of a hill that could be paradise itself if you don’t mind a little bit of blasphemy.

In the past, the monks would make money for their brotherhood by cooking homely meals for visiting pilgrims and tourists.

This tradition continues today, but is no longer prepared by the brothers themselves.

In the summer months, you can join the locals on long wooden tables and tuck into pastas and soups with the entire coastline as your backdrop.

Sure beats dinner in front of the TV!

4.Sorano : Sorano was said to have been named after an ancient god who ran with wolves and liked to live alone in caves.

Its an apt name for a town that is cut off on almost all sides by sheer cliffs and lush valleys.

The view is beautiful from every corner, but for the true money shot, head to the Masso Leopoldino and snap away.

Visitors with particularly good eye sight will be able to make out tiny caves carved into the tufa rock cliffs around the town.

These caves are not natural, but were created by the Etruscans more than two thousand years ago to protect grain and livestock from storms and thieving hands.

5. Montefiascone: During its golden age, Montefiascone was the favourite child of Pope Innocent III who commissioned a magnificent church and abbey in the 13th century.

Religious buildings aside, the town has the best views of the Bolsena Lake, courtesy of its position 600 metres above sea level.