Vulci is an ancient Etruscan city located near the modern town Canino, which is in the northern part of Tuscia.

Amazingly, Vulci has been abandoned since the Etruscans and Romans left it in around the 8th century BC. Now a very protected piece of Italian history, the land is an open-air museum that stretches across acres and acres of lush green fields.

When you visit Vulci, you are visiting an Etruscan city, complete with houses, monuments, statues, meeting halls, public bathes and necropolises. There are few places in the world where you can visit an almost entirely intact ancient city like Vulci. Think of it as the Machu Picchu of Italy.


You’ll need the better part of a full day to explore Vulci. This site isn’t rubble or rocks.

Archaeologists have spent decades restoring the houses and tombs so you get a real sense of what this site was like when the Etruscan lived here. Vulci is particularly famous for its tombs.

The final resting places of the settlement’s nobility, these are beautiful underground houses with amazing frescoes, many of which have survived the centuries.


Vulci’s museum is a bit like the cherry on the cake. You can’t get the full picture of this ancient city without visiting the museum, where all the bits and pieces discovered in the tombs and houses are on display.

Prepare yourself for plenty of burial urns, but also jewellery, crockery, toys, weapons and statues that are millennia old.

The park

Vulci isn’t just an archaeological park, it’s also a beautiful nature reserve with trails that wind through forest and waterfalls, so after you’ve visited the site, save some energy to check out the incredible natural beauty that surrounds it.



Terme di Sorano – Vulci (VT) – 47,5 km – 53 min.